Sylvie from Mabinogi
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  • Type: Papercraft
  • Model: Sylvie (Magnum Shot) [シルヴィー(マグナムショット!)] from Mabinogi
  • Creator: まび風 Paperworks
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • No. of Sheets: 3
  • Size: ? in.
  • File Type: Pepakura



According the translated japanese page:

When it difficult to manufacture.

* Neck angle is steep because the negative amount in the suit. Therefore, part of the jaw is in use scissors to cut the head with adhesive parts.
* Your groin in the game (worrisome part ^ ^) is not depicted in the lower body to create込みましたbrings me so late. Wyss parts across a skirt attached to the clothes. (Adhesive, but it does not work HAMARIMASHITA)
* Create texture technology is still immature, NIHAIBUTSU… is sweet and the texture.
* Thighs and rounded out the scoring for daring to TSUKEZU tried to rounding.
* NIHAIBUTSU also does not bond, but it is stable and stand factors reverse.
* REZARON fine is too dirty for my… glue.



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