Splicer Masks
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  • Type: Papercraft
  • Model: Splicer Masks
  • Creator: !TeaKPa/j1
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • No. of Sheets: 8-10
  • Size: Life-size and wearable
  • File Type: PDFs and PDOs


Overall easiest way seems to be to build the entire exterior, then interior, then glue them together. Some light trimming will be required, but overall more effectual this way.


Each mask is built twice, once for textures on the exterior, once for textures on the interior. Several different styles of masks are included in the RAR package, including a Rabbit (as seen in the picture), a Cat, a Bird, a Butterfly, a Spider, Sander Cohen's Mask, and a clean version of the Rabbit mask.



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