Mech Rider – Uraine’s Mech
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  • Type: Papercraft
  • Model: Name
  • Creator: Chippy
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • No. of Sheets: #
  • Size: ? in.
  • File Type: Image, PDF,or Pepakura


This mech papercraft is designed by Chippy, it is based the game (comic?) “Mech Rider”. The Mach Rider is the lead character of the classic NES game Mach Rider. The game never received any sequel and thus he hasn’t appeared again but many elements from the game was used in F-Zero, such as the high-speed futuristic racing and Mach Rider looks very similar to Captain Falcon. Because of this F-Zero is considered a spiritual successor to Mach Rider and the same can be said about the two characters.


Mech Rider – Uraine’s Mech

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