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  • Type: Papercraft
  • Model: Magnemite (or Magneton)
  • Creator: Sane Person
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • No. of Sheets: 4
  • Size: ? in.
  • File Type: PDF


  • There are two versions, one with lines and one without


  • the main body is divided to sections. The two bottom sections should be glued last, so you can hold from inside the parts you glue.
  • the flat part goes on the top, the cone goes on the bottom.
  • since Magnemite or Magneton do not have any certain form that is "default", there is no indication as to where glue the magnets and the screws. And yes, the two bottom screws *are* stable and won't fall off.

Magneton making help:

  • you obviously need to print the template thrice
  • there are two redudant parts, the two screws, since two lateral Magnemites have only one bottom screw each.
  • again, glue the two bottom parts as the last ones. It is hard to glue spheres together when you can't press them from the inside.


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