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  • Type: Papercraft
  • Model: CE-Tan also known as USB-Tan
  • Creator: Unknown; based off designs by petaaki!aIXJMyhu96
  • Skill Level: Easy-Intermediate
  • No. of Sheets: 1
  • Size: 3.5 in.
  • File Type: Image



This is just a recoloring of ME-tan's head and 2K-tan's body. They didn't seem to get the dark green off the hair, so this must be recolored.



  • USB Wand should have an indented metal contact along with details (I had to draw in the details).
  • The ribbon on the USB wand should be bigger
  • The eyes should be tinted red.
  • A stand in vain of the other OS-tans would be nice
  • The hair ribbons should be smaller and have two sides (unless I made mine wrong)
  • The green on the back of the hair should be orange
  • Placements for the ponytail bunches and wing tabs to clarify where they should go
  • The head to body connection needs to be modified- currently the head is ME-tan's and the neck is 2K-tan's.



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