Papercraft Materials

One of the most frequently asked questions is "what paper/glue should I use?" There is a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is:

  • For paper use sturdy cardstock (110lbs / 200gsm)
  • For glue use PVA glue such as white Elmer's Glue or Wood Glue.

The long answer is that it really depends on what you are comfortable working with and what type of papercraft you are building. So I have created this section to help people choose the materials that want to buy for papercrafting. The essentials for basically any papercraft you make are paper for the parts, a cutting utensil to cut them out, glue to glue them together, and of course a printer/computer to print them. However, I'll assume you already have a computer and almost any printer will work for papercraft. I might add a section for printers in the future, but for now I'm only covering craft materials.

Before you read any of these sections, keep in mind that these are only the opinions of the person who wrote it. So I may post a very negative review of some item that you had great luck with. It is important to try things out for yourselves. I try to keep my reviews unbiased and objective, but like anyone else, I have my own opinions. Besides, one of the best things is going to the store and looking for neat new tools to buy for papercrafting.



Cutting Tools/Cutting Mats


Other Materials

Please contribute to these sections. I can't possibly cover everything that is available out there.

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