Quick Guide For Pepakura Files

If you have a .pdo file that you want to upload, this guide will walk you through creating a wiki page for it. We will be using the Luma page as an example. Click on the thumbnails for a full sized version of the image.

Alright. Make sure that you have the .pdo files on your computer and the total file size for all the .pdo files is less than 1 MB. If not, choose the Quick Guide For Offsite Linking tutorial. For my model, it has some alternate textures so I created a .zip archive to upload along with the two .pdo files.


Before we do anything, I've noticed that there are no pictures of the finished papercraft. Since this is a .pdo file, it is easy to take pictures of the model. So I'll take some pictures of the pages ,two shots of the 3D model and one of the 3D model with an alternate skin. I'll name these files pages.png, model1.png, model2.png, and model3.png.


First, click the "Papercraft" button on the side bar.


Then fill in the name of the model and click "Add page to papercraft category"


You should get a screen like this:


OK, now fill out the information. The parts that you need to change are highlighted.
Filling in the information should be relatively simple.
Now for the download section. Delete everything in the grey areas.
Now fill in the file names after "[[[file ". Since I also have a texture pack, I've put that in the download section too. The parts highlighted in yellow are what I have added.

Now click "save" and this is what you should see.


Let's upload some files!
First click the "files" button on the bottom of the page. Then "upload new file".


Browse for the file up want to upload…


…and upload it. You should see something like this.


Now do the same to upload the rest of your files.


Once you refresh your page, it will look like this.


However, I have additional images of the model that I've uploaded. I need to be able to display them. Edit the page again and add this section to add a gallery of images.
The result is this:


Just one more thing to do- tags!
Click the tags button on the bottom and add some for your model. Separate them using spaces.


Save the tags and you are done with your page! That was pretty easy!

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