Quick Guide For Origami

OK, you want to upload an origami design but don't know how. Don't worry, this tutorial will guide you through the process. I will be using the Hummingbird as an example.

Before we make the page, we need to find a picture of the finished origami and the instructions. Luckily, both can be found on this site. To make things easier, I will save the picture of the finished model to my computer. This wiki will not resize an image if it is linked from offsite- it must be uploaded to the wiki. Since the instructions don't need to be resized, I don't need to save them to my computer.

I'll save the image as "hummingbird.jpg" to my desktop.


Now let's create that wiki page! First choose "Origami" on the side bar. Don't use the "Add a new page" box because if you do, your origami page won't show up on the Origami listing page.


Type in your origami design name and create a new origami page.


This is what you should get. This is the default origami template.


You will need to fill in the information highlighted in yellow.
Fill in the information about the origami model.
Now you need to create the instructions. Put your cursor under "++ Instructions" and choose the "insert image wizard".


Once the window pops up, copy the image URL into the box and choose "insert code". You may wish to check the image first.


Now you should have the image code under the Instructions.


Add the rest of the images under Instructions. You can either use the wizard again or just copy and paste the line, changing the image URL.


Now that you have put all the images in, click the "save" button on the bottom of the page. You should get a page with the instruction images full size.


But notice that the picture of the finished model isn't showing up. That's because you haven't uploaded it yet. At the bottom of the page, choose "files".


Click "upload new file" then browse for your image that you want to upload.


Now upload the file! You can upload any other files that you need. However, don't upload any file that is larger than 1 MB to save space.


Refresh the page and the image should appear.


Only one more thing to do! Add tags! Click the "tags" button on the bottom of the page and write in some tags for the origami model.


Once you have saved the tags, you are done with the page! What a nice, long page!

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