Quick Guide For Offsite Linking

Suppose you want to create a papercraft page but don't have the file on your computer or the file size is too big. Just find another site hosting it (or host it yourself at a file hosting site such as megaupload or rapidshare) and provide a link. I'll use Darknut as an example.

The zip file for Darknut is much too big be hosted on the wiki (6.11 MB). Fortunately, it is on plus4chan.org. We can link to it. So let's create a wiki page for it!

First click the "Papercraft" button on the side bar. Don't use the "Add a new page" box since that is only for adding non-origami/papercraft pages.


Type in the name of the model and create a new papercraft page.


You will be presented with the papercraft template. The highlighted parts are the only things that you will need to worry about.
Fill out the information section like this.
Now type in the link in the download section. I've provided two links with a description of each.

Click the "save" button and this is what you should see.


You are almost done! Just click on the "tags" button on the bottom of the page and fill in some tags.


Save your tags and your page is done! Quick and easy!

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