Quick Guide For Image/PDF Files

Okay great. I'll show you how to create a papercraft page using the Brain Slug as an example. Click on the thumbnails to get the full sized image.

I found the Brain Slug here: http://billybob884.deviantart.com/art/Futurama-Brain-Slug-Assembled-82211012. The site included a picture of the finished model and a pdf file. Remember, this tutorial works for both image files and pdf files.

Downloaded the files to your computer or desktop and check the file size.


Since the pdf file is less than 1 MB, you can upload the file on the wiki. But first, let's rename the files to something simpler.


Usually I name the parts file the same name as the model name (for convenience when people download the file) and the finished picture as done.jpg.

Note: This wiki doesn't like spaces in file names so I usually use underscores or dashes instead

Now you are ready to create the wiki page for Brain Slug

First click on "Papercraft" on the side bar. Don't use the "Add new page" box since that is for adding non-papercraft/origami pages.


Create the page by typing in the name of the model in the box and clicking "Add page to papercraft category"


You should get a papercraft template that looks like this:


Now fill in the template with all the information about your papercraft. The only parts that you need to change are highlighted.

Once filled in, it should look like this:
There are a few important things to remember.

  • If a thumbnail doesn't display, make sure it is written exactly the same as the file name. Make sure there are no spaces and that the capitalization is exactly the same.
  • If your model parts template consists of many images, just add more lines starting with a ":" to the gallery. For example:
: Brain_Slug.pdf
: Another_file.pdf
: And_another_one.png

will produce three thumbnails next to eachother.

Okay, now that you have filled in the information, click the "save" button.


This is what you will see.


Now it is time to upload your files! Click "files" on the bottom of the page. Then click "upload new file". You will see this.


Click "browse" and select your file.


Click "upload file!".


Now do the same to upload all your files.


Once you refresh, your thumbnails should appear!


OK, you are almost done! Just one more thing to do - adding tags! Click the "tags" button at the bottom and fill in descriptive tags separated by spaces.


Once you click "save tags", your page is complete! Your page will be added to the Papercraft category and will appear in the "Recently added pages" on the side. After creating a few wiki pages, you will be able to make new pages in just one or two minutes!

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