Quick Guide


OK, so you want to want to upload your very first papercraft. But where to start? Well, before you even create a page, you need two things:

  1. The parts template or pattern for your model
  2. A picture of the completed model

Heck, you don't even need the picture of the completed model, but it helps a lot! So the most important thing is the parts template. Parts templates coming in many different file types. The most common are images (.jpg, .gif, or .png), pdf files, and pepakura files (.pdo). If you have the parts template saved on your computer, great! You can upload these files onto the wiki and people will download the files directly.

Note: Since this entire wiki is limited to 500 300 Megabytes, please don't exceed 1 MB per model. If the papercraft is more than 1 MB, please upload it to a file hosting site and link to it.

If you don't have the files on your computer (or if the files are over 1 MB), all you need to do is link to the file.

Since there are different ways to create a page depending on your file type, I've written three different tutorials. Click the one that fits your model.

Quick Guide for Image Files
Use this if your papercraft template consists of image files or is a pdf file.

Quick Guide for Pepakura Files
Use this one if your model is a .pdo file.

Quick Guide for Offsite Linking
Use this if you are linking to the instructions (such as linking to rapidshare)


Uploading origami designs is easier than creating a papercraft page. But you still need two things:

  1. Instructions for folding the origami
  2. A picture of the completed origami

Again, you don't need to have a picture of the completed origami, but it makes the page look nicer. Click below for the tutorial on creating an origami page.

Quick Guide for Origami

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