How to Use this Wiki: Introduction

Welcome to the /po/ wiki!

This website was created to share the enormous amount of papercraft and origami materials with users of /po/. Here, you can browse and search through hundreds (and eventually, thousands) of papercraft and origami models. I've used a wiki system so you can easily search for the papercrafts you want by using the search feature or by simple browsing through the page tags. Of course, another feature of a wiki is that anyone can create or edit pages!

Creating your page

Anyone can create a page! This allows users to upload any material that they would like to share. Creating a page on this wiki is much simpler than doing so on other wikis where content may be consumed in markup code and certainly simpler than making your own webpage with html. Virtually everything you want to do on the wiki (such as making a hyper-link or inserting a picture) can be done by a click of a button. Still, there are some individuals whose eyes glaze over at the thought of writing page code so I have made two guides on creating a new papercraft or origami page. One is just to get your page up. The other allows you to add more specific elements.

Quick Guide
This is a quick step-by-step tutorial to show you how to add a papercraft or origami model page. You don't have to write any code using this tutorial.

In Depth Guide
This tutorial covers much more and shows you how to do just about anything. While wikidot is very easy to use, there are a lot of things you can do. This covers only the code that is necessary for writing model pages (so I've omitted stuff like math and social bookmarking).

General Guidelines
This page gives a general description on making a new page for either papercraft or origami.

Wiki Syntax
A list of syntax (code) used by the wikidot pages. This is the same link as the one at the bottom of the edit page.


While this is by no means mandatory, a consistent look for all pages will make the wiki more aesthetically pleasing.

Page Consistency
A list of reminders when writing your page. These, of course, don't apply to every situation, so you don't have to follow them by the book.

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