How To Use This Wiki - Beta

Starting a Page

If you have a Papercraft or Origami you wish to upload first choose either the Papercraft or Origami category on the side bar.

  • Note: the "Add a new page" module on the side bar is for adding system pages, not p/o models.

Type in the name of the model in the Papercraft or Origami category page and it will create a new page for you.
It will give you 15 minutes to create this page and no one else will be able to access it.
Depending on what you are planning on uploading the template will be automatically set as Origami or Papercraft. Use these default templates.

  • Note: if you accidentally create a page using the sidebar, you will get a blank template. This is warning that you should not upload p/o models using this.

Uploading an Image or File

When putting an image into a page you have two ways of doing it.

  1. Hosting the picture on another site. (If over 1MB please use Rapidshare, Megaupload etc.)
  2. Uploading through Wiki

If you plan on using Wiki page to upload it you must;

  • Create the page (without the pictures)
  • Scroll down to where it says, "Upload"
  • Find your file and upload it.
  • Edit the page and put the link to the uploaded file.


-Preivew Picture (When Finished)

[[f>image done.JPG size="small"]]

Where, "done.JPG" is, is where you want to post a link to your prievew picture. (Uploading pictures see above)

++ Information
* Type: Papercraft
* Model: Name
* Creator: [[[Creator]]]
* Skill Level: Easy
* No. of Sheets: #
* Size: ? in.
* File Type: Image, PDF,or [[[Pepakura]]]

This is self explainitory

++ Instructions

This can be a picture OR Steps written out word for word.
++ Notes

Self Explainitory.

++ Download

This section will be for the image that you print and cut out.
Assuming that the file size is less than 1MB Wiki is ok to use to upload it.

: filename.png

Image files and .pdf 's will be used using this format.
Replace the, "filename.png," with the link to your file.
[[file filename]]

Other files that are not image files, such as .rar .zip .pdo etc. will use this format.
replace the, "file filename" with a link to your file.

Using external to provide download
(I have yet to do this, Needs filling out.)

This is just a quick sketch on how it works.
It is not finished still needs some tweeks and some better wording.
Please continue to update this How To and uploading images to the Database

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